Arise good men from your slumber.

Drop the poison apple that sent you to sleep.

Don’t look to your books of history,

there’s a wolf under grandma’s sheets.

Arise bold men from your slumber.

Listen for the voices from beyond the grave.

That’s your forefathers’ rumble deep in your bones,

makes your marrow curdle with fury and rage,

as the cotton wool violence of safety

slowly smothers another unshackled slave.

Arise brave men from your slumber.

Arise brave men arise.

Don’t look to your women to lead you,

as they devour the gingerbreadhouse.

They’ll disuade, disarm and bewitch you,

with smiles full of cake.

They see you as but a lifestyle accessory,

And save their real carresses for the ‘state’.

Arise strong men from your slumber.

Find your true name and come to the rescue.

Find the power your father’s endowed.

The war that made law. God’s justice.

Power for a man to stand proud.

Arise god’s man from your slumber.

Arise sleeping protestant arise.

For we’ve been losing our liberties for far too long.

Become glorified uncles to our own sons.

Lost in the belly of  this beast named 216

Its time to arise sleeping protestants and bloodywell hang this papist queen