Protestant Mobile


The photo isnt great, but it says at the top British subject, with a small crown seal.

And at the bottom- private property of dave hageman.

Registering your car with a corporation that has made no oath to uphold your property rights, is simply handing over ownership of it , to my mind. Its counterfeit government, so why obey it?

I initally changed my status from Australian citizen to British subject because the status of citizen is anathema to me as a protestant. (citizen being Roman)

But upon investigating further , I found that British subjects are immune from being plundered as per the Imperial Acts relating to privateering. (just in case these maritime laws are being used to get around our rights re:fines etc without jury )

Also I love British subject status because it is conferred not by government but passed from father to son.

According to the British subject Act 1958. and yes I am referring to a parliamentary Act, so I am getting authority from parliament but that is merely for purposes of explaining it to a magistrate.

I would phrase it that from my perspective the people are soverign as per 1688, and this parliamentary Act is consistent with the soverignty of the people , and applies in so far as it retains that respect for lawful authority of the people.

I considered abandoning australian citizenship and declaring myself “a soverign” as per  freeman philosophy. but according to the international convention on statelessness. you cannot abandon citizenship without taking up a recognised status elsewhere. So it simply will not be recognised in law. I would still be an australian citizen.

Alot of freeman philosophy is pure fantasy, in my opinion.

Anyhow thats all legal mumbo jumbo. In practice I’ll likely get beaten by the police again a few times, probably have the car stolen and so on.

Time will tell.

But by refusing to register my car with counterfeit government , I am not only doing the right thing as far as my country and the British constitution is concerned (also Australian constitution) but I am standing up for God’s Law over Rome’s law.

I will endeavour to come out of Rome’s law in every way possible.

I expect this will be alot of inconvenience.  So far my protestantism to rome’s law has cost me alot, financially, and some physical pain and injuries. However I think this is opposing the Beast.

In my every day I can say in many ways through my actions that I will not follow Rome’s law.

Hopefully I will get some video equipment to show how this goes on the roads and my adventures in court.

I dsplayed this sticker I had made as I drove around town, the missing words under the thumb are ” say no to…. foreign corporations counterfeiting …self…. government or be ruled by this creep”

the creep is a photo of Jesuit pope Frank wearing his Babylonian worship regalia.