The War makes the law is a term I coined in trying to ascertain exactly what law is.

There are many explanations of what law is supposed to be and do.

But what law actually is, is rarely clearly or truthfully defined.

Might is Right is the absence of law. It is the natural way of the world where the strong tells the weak what is what. And the weak either complies or dies.
Law is the agreement between civilised men to decide might is right through war. The winner of the war makes the law.
And that’s where law comes from.
Principles established via war.

Which we can see clearly by looking at the American law.
The winner of the war has what we call in our system “divine right”.
God has blessed his cause with victory.
And the last relevant internal war that our law is based on was 1688. This is the foundation of law in the British commonwealth countries.. The Glorious revolution.

All law today must get its authority from the principles established in the Glorious Revolution.

The foundational law being the Bill Of Rights 1688.

Under the King James bible. Or the law of god. Which is  our ultimate law, not just in church but in this world when we deal with government and other people.

Most Australians have never heard of this war or the foundational law. Because it is the war and law that gives us power . The people being soverign means only we have the authority to make law. until another revolution is fought.

I believe this simple truth is obvious, but not taught at universities or allowed in print because in Australia and the British commonwealth the last relevant war was won by the people being protestants.

And by that war the people , being protestants hold soverignty.

Not the monarchy/ the church or especially not the parliament.

Soverignty is authority .And no parliament can ever make law that overrides that soverignty lawfully. (They sure as hell try).

Give the Bill of Rights 1688 a read.

I have alot of information on this topic which I’ll blog as time permits.

When researching independently , keep in mind that most , if not all history books have falsified this truth. The laws themselves, trial records of the day, and the words of the men who fought the revolutions of the 17th century are my guide to the truth.

We as Australians are horribly educated and largely ignorant of history.

This isn’t such a bad thing, because unlike the English who were told a false version of these wars and the law at school.

we have no such brainwashed beliefs to overcome.

Before you take on the counterfeit government in Australia, you will need some understanding of law.

And the war makes the law is , to me, the basic building block of understanding the law.