We have lived in a generation where we’ve seen an incremental
destruction of our rights and personal liberties that America was
founded on.
What is being stripped from us is the very heart and soul of America.
Freedom of the individual.
And all of us have experienced this to our detriment in varying degrees.
But we do nothing.
Is it because we feel powerless?

What will it be like tomorrow if this generation sits on its hands ?

America became a great nation because we had freedom of the individual
to live unmolested by masters , to go forth and be inventive,
creative, productive.

What will it become without those freedoms.?
What will our place be in the world?

What indeed will it be like to live under what is starting to feel
, to me, a totalitarian state.?

A government not of the people I am proud of, and feel a part of –
but a government run by hidden masters I am subject to.

This generation has a duty whether it wants it or not ,to restore self
government to the people before it is irrevocably lost.

We don’t need muskets to create a new law, we already have the law we
simply need access to it.
With access to it, one man’s fight for his rights against oppressive
government helps us all.
Look at the effect Miranda versus Arizona had on oppressive policing
in this country .,for example
all ploice must read a person his rights now due to that individual’s fight .
This is the power you and i used to have in our courts.

We never even need to go to court for this to help us, we just need
the courts to be used the way they were designed — to allow the
checks and balances of our system to keep government from becoming
oppressive, intrusive and even violent against its people.

And it is this very power that is being usurped by the takeover of our courts .

our courts have become systematically corrupt. Controlled by the BAR
Its become a private club where its members give each other power and
immunity to do as they please.

Men I speak to ,see in their lives the ever increasing tyranny of
government control. But don’t understand how this came to be, or what
they can do about it.
Judges have created for themselves judicial immunity.

Think about that for a moment.

A judge who decides the fate of your family, your home, your very
liberty can make any decision that pleases him and not be held
personally accountable for being corrupt. For violating the
For violating your rights.
The BAR Association have taken control of the people’s courts and
creating a private club, a seperate class of rulers-
a rule more venal and despotic in our lives than any monarch. ever was.

And they depend on your ignorance of the law or your apathy to
continue to do so.

Now mark my words, I’m not concerned with a judge taking bribes, I am
concerned with a cabal systematically working in cahoots in our
courts to subvert the very soverignty of the American people.

When judges and indeed the government itself cannot be held
acccountable, legally for their actions – then they can do anything
they please.

If treason itself is not occurring , then the opportunity for
committing treason is open , because the court system we have today
affords not- the checks and balances to prevent it.

Indeed it seems designed to facillitate treason.

And what this means to you and I is exactly what we have experienced
in our lives.

We wave flags on the 4th of July to celebrate our freedom. Then do
exactly what the government tells us to do the rest of the year,
because they terrify us.

I cannot fix this problem the way it should be fixed, through a jury.
Through the people.
so it must be fixed through an Act of Congress.

I am asking the people of this district to recognise that this issue
has more impact on your lives than any other at this time in history.
That our generation’s duty is to restore law to this country.
And that his disctrict can be instrumental in achieving that.
to give me the power to go to congress and bring the courts , and
thus the law of freedom for the individual back into the hands of the
American people.

If I’m elected I’ll endeavour to put an an end to judical immunity
and the non accountability of government . a full investigation into
who the American Bar association truly serves and how they have come
to have taken over the people’s courts , for their own ends

And investigation into the secret cabals that have a strangehold on
the machinery of our government in America today.
(And I ask for the good men of Pennsylavania to to stand beside me)