I’m currently looking into Justice Story of the Brown versus United states admiralty case, where precedents were set that might facilliate use of the Prize Acts under Admiralty Jurisdiction to conquer firstly the soverign states of America, and then subsequently the other colonies of the British commonwealth.

Turns out Justice Story is a man of some accomplishment.

He was an admitted Federalist . At the time federalists were like today’s democrats. However their agenda was eroding the sovereignty of the states of America in favour of central government by the USA.

Bearing in mind, the States of America were like the countries of Europe and the United States was like the European Union.

My first look into his motives is through a biography by his son, where he has published his father’s private correspondence.

In them, besides seeing his federalist agenda, we see that he wrote many legal opinions for his Learned mates in anonymity, aswell as Bills for congress anonymously.

His son contributes this practice to altruism and love of his friends and their interests and fame.

Which I’d like to believe is true. But I should imagine his son is biased.

Its also quite possible he was forwarding the schemes of his British masters to other judges and congressmen, and this would be consistent with the motive to remain anonymous.

He is responsible largely for  creating a lot of the power of the United States including the areas of law that freeman / conspiracy advocates believe were used to enslave the masses.

They being admiralty jurisdiction/ bankruptcy law and Bills of Exchange act.

Unfortunately I can’t copypaste from a google book. But he anonymously prepared the structure of the following titles for his friend

1) admiralty and Instand court and everything related to it except prize

2) Bills of Exchange and Promissary notes

8)Jurisdiction of the courts of the United states.

on page 293 and earlier he is anonymously writing for a friend decisions on Bankruptcy.

I’m getting bored of reading it at this stage and will move on but putting aside the hero worship of his son for his father, which is understandable I suppose, this man’s influence on USA law is consistent at this stage with secretly working for the British to create their papist kingdom in America via Prize Acts.


I’ll investigate him further from other sources and then Justice Marshall of the same US Supreme Court decision


—Interesting find today is that Justice Marshall and Story were freemasons. So their ultimate loyalty lay their not to America, according to their masonic oaths.

“John Marshall, the greatest Chief Justice of the United States, was in that position from 1801 to 1835. He was also Grand Master of Virginia, from 1793-1795. “


“Joseph Story is listed as a member of Philanthropic Lodge in Marblehead, Massachusetts, in 10,000 Famous Freemasons “