Quite often the American media makes oblique reference that alludes to my Prize Act theory.

This a 30 second scene from a Hollywood movie called Law Abiding Citizen

The theme of the movie is a man taking revenge on the Judges and so on for injustices done to him.

What’s peculiar is the Temple/s is in London and when he says he;s going to take revenge he says it will be on “the Temple” even though he’s in America.

this might be a reference to the masonic temple I suppose but it is peculiar. Keeping in mind that Hollywood is Catholic controlled and the masons can be used like jews as scapegoats, if necessary.

But to me this is an obvious reference to The middle/Inner temple in London , 2 of the 4 Inns of court. And supposedly nothing to do with American law.

There’s several movies and Tv shows recently about pirates, and in making heroes of them.

The pirate flag or Jolly Roger was used by the Templars / Jesuits / Knights of St john at various points in history. I’ll post a symbology study in this section in regards to that.

The Knights of St John are appointed to administer the law by the monarch, I’ll go into connections between them, the law and piracy in a different post in this category.

But here is the first episode in a recent TV show called Black sails..

Start watching at the 56 minute mark .

Firstly a reference to FIDE. in the pirate captains monologue to his pirates.

through the importance of trust. I’ll explain the FIDE reference in another post.

And the idea that pirates should follow their captain ignorance of his plans because he knows best , could be a reference to secret society hierarchy at a time when the common pirates (one might infer they represent minor freemasons) must be wondering if what’s happening in the world is in their best interests.

The doubting subordinate is killed

 Interestingly the script alludes to the idea of the pirates being on the trail of a Prize “that will upset the very nature of our world”

” I’m not just going to make you rich , I’m not just going to make you strong, I’m going to make you the princes of the NEW WORLD”

black sails


The purpose of this post , is to bring to the attention of others , possible Oblique references in the media , to the true way of the world, so perhaps you notice them.

Most people would miss the relevance of the “temple” or “trust”(Fide) lectures or creating themselves princes of the NEW WORLD, or even wonder why pirates has been a popular theme for movies in recent years. Or that the pirates have become heroic fifures , rather than thieves as they were once seen.