Cst adrift on the winds of moral fashion
Cast adrift on the winds of moral fashion

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Chapter 1
Cast adrift on the winds of moral fashion
Prior to the 1960s we had traditionally taken our culture and value system from family, the bible and our immediate community. People we knew well.
Since the advent of television we have been ,most of us, cut off from these roots.
One family’s culture is now much the same as the next.
There is no longer the great variant in family culture from one to the next I can recall from my childhood.
The T.V has homogenised the great diversity of culture and perceptions within society to a large degree.
And slowly but surely, we have been moved into a hive mind .The queen bee being the television in our lounge room.
And more dangerous than just culture, our values themselves have become subjected to this hive mind.
The TV-reality generations have been cut off from their roots and we have been cast adrift on the winds of moral fashion. Winds directed by the state.
Not just by television, but in what might be a coordinated and designed assault from every source of information that influences our consciousness.Designed and controlled by a Hidden Hand.
The changes in our value system since the 1960s in particular, under the banner of “social progress” are changes ascribed by **** in his work *******.
Changes he deemed necessary in order to make us willing slaves. Slaves to the state.
Could this be mere coincidence? Or is it designed?
Many of the changes in values are so subtle, and seem like beliefs a ‘good person’ would have trouble arguing against.
Is it possible god is pointing us towards this blueprint, so that we may see for ourselves – the true evil in them through seeing their designed outcomes?
And in doing so destroy the subtlety. Draw a line in the sand.
Could it be possible that there is a hidden hand in this world with enough power to create a deceptive slave state?

Could the whole body of knowledge we have been exposed to be a carefully constructed lie?