the basics of law.
I would love to clear up false ideas people have about law
IIf anyone shows interest I’ll write an article a day .
I’m not an expert but I have a solid foundation which I can share.
We should be taught this stuff in school, its criminal that we were not.

The Australian constituion is not our recourse.
People believe it is because they watched Daryl Kerrigan save his house using it in The Castle.
If you are willing to doubt education via movies for a moment , I’ll explain how Australian law was set up before we were conquered.Because the galoots who appeal to the Australian constitution are shooting themselves in the foot.

We came here as British subjects under the British Constitution, forrmally confirmed by the NSW Local Courts Act 1828.

We then formed state constitutions and parliaments so that we could have some local iinput into the land we were pioneering.

Each state constitution is independant of each other ,like different countries.But all are under the British Constitution.

Anne Twomey wrote a book available through the local library system called “chameleon Crown ” which explains this.
She explains that Imperial Acts have “paramount force” over state law. Its worth reading.

The British Constituion is where our power lies.And hence our recourse is found in state law which is under the British Constitution.— The only law we have which was made by the people is British
Constituion .
Centralising these independent state constitutions under the Australian federal government is the Fabian agenda, Whitlam tried unscucessfully to do it.
The Asutralian constitution claims itself the supreme law and hence not under that British Constitution where our rights lie.
.Our rights are protected by the monarch’s oath under the British Constitution.

We self governed via jury before we even had a state parliament, let alone a federal one.
Our rights are in common law jury decisions., elections are for spending the common wealth. Parliamentarians are only beancounters .

This freedom was destroyed by the Fabian Society agenda which is to make us see parliament as soverign. Our masters.
Parliament governing us unstead of us governing ourselves.
They call it “social democracy”.
And under their social democracy they want centralised control.

They want uz to see the Australian Constituion as our recourse, and to accept rule via the federal parlaiment.
But it is not he law.

So please stop helping the Fabians .Keep your fight decentralised,

Claim the paramount force of the British Constitution through our state courts. And demand your rights under it as sworn to be upheld by the queen.