Australians should probably stop whining about the banks foreclosing ., We have the power in our hands to stop it.
Through our local court.Our access to self government.

Because this must be the greatest fraud in banking history.

Denied by the banks for years.
Now finally, quietly admitted last year in London.

The local bank manager doesnt lend any of his money. A loan is just new money added to the money supply.Admitted finally in 2014 by the Bank of England.
But he fraudulently represents that he does
Then gets you to sign contracts to pay it to him plus interest or he will take your property.That is criminal fraud.
The loan cost him nothing to make, its communist banking.
He doesnt need security , he has no risk.

They have concocted a scheme to steal a little off every one of us continually through privately making new money..
Adding to the money supply,increasing the debt for everyone and stealing through inflation. And then stealing your repayments.

When you make the repayments the bank manager should burn the money, returning the money supply to what it was.
But instead he sticks it straight into his coffers .
a Loan is 100% profit with zero risk to the bank.

This is how the wealth of this country is being stolen. Banking corporations
creating new money. Then fraudulently representing that it is their money to defraud us into paying a large portion of our income for the next X years, plus interest..

And then, if they are lucky, finding an excuse to foreclose. and selling off our private land cheaply to corporations.

If I make my own money its called counterfeiting and I go to prison.

If I misrepresent myself in a contract its called fraud and I go to prison.

If I conspire to put the land of Australians in foreign hands its called treason and I go to prison.

The bank of England admission of 2014 shows us that noone owes the bank a cent,

There is something intrinsicly wrong in not paying a debt.

This moral is built into us,and our decency is being used against us.

As a result most people who discover this banking fraud cannot quite come to terms with the idea we owe the bank nothing.

And hence allow this fraud and the criminal bank managers not only to stay out of prison,but continue their crimes.

But this is part of a bigger communist scheme to confiscate private property.
.It is a transferrance of wealth from Australian private property into the hands of the corporations.
Every single loan they make transfers private property into their hands.

If you honour the fraudulent contract you are not repaying the loan.

The bank doesnt return the money from whence it came.This a method of theft on a monumental scale.

If you are not paying the loan off, but simply letting the bank defraud you, what is your property right worth once you’ve paid off the contract?
Nothing.Absolutely nothing.
Which is why the corporate government can come on your land these days and tell you how to manage it.

And when the bank use their fraudulent contracts to pull the rug out from under land owners, As planned,in come the big corporations to takeover private land ownership.
A communist scheme.
Corporations are vehicles for communism.Centralising industry and government, and destroying private land ownership .

Corporations are a brilliant idea.All rights no criminal responsibility

Well played .

But the people working for them have criminal responsibility.

So why are we looking to masters to help us instead of helping ourselves?

Australians do not have the luxury of pride,guilt or self pity, when we get foreclosed upon.
Nor do we have the luxury to hide our heads in the sand, and pretend loans work the way they used to .

Because loans are creating communism.

Corporate communism.

We are being outsmarted and conquered.

And the power is in our hands to stop it.
Unless we prosecute these bank managers for their crimes, the plan will inevitably succeed. Leaving us all communist peasants in our own bloody country
One bank manager at a time.prosecuted for criminal fraud., filed at the local court house.Fraud is a criminal offence.The banking scheme can be resolved by us.By jury..

Let’s see if they run out of bank managers before we run out of land.
You have to be blind freddy not to have realised by now the government is in cahoots with the banks.
Asking politicians to solve our problems, is not only pointless but unneccesary.
The local court house has always been self government. We might stop whining and start using it.

“The reality of how money is created today differs from the

description found in some economics textbooks:…
Whenever a bank makes a loan, it
simultaneously creates a matching deposit in the
borrower’s bank account, thereby creating new money”