Dear Editor,
I would like to share my testimony of what happened to me recently,
so that when men stand up they are aware of what they are facing.

I left WA in 2012 after being tortured in court
there for asking magistrate Tanya Watt her name, and having the court
transcripts falsified.
With zero assistance offered by commonwealth attorney general I had to
abandon my home and become effectively a political refugee in NSW.

After failing to access the licensed media regarding the most
monumental act of treason since the American revolution, taking place
in Western Australia.
Whereby parliament simply wrote out the queen as authority for law,
replacing their own company as government. And whereby the entire W.A
Police reneged on their oath to the queen and made a new oath to this
foreign owned company, becoming a standing army in violation of the
Bill Of Rights 1688.

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