FREEMASONRY EXPOSED -and( stjohn’s world government.)

it took me a few years to figure out, but the esoteric religion of the Roman Church has always been freemasonry.

Which is Egyptian witchcraft as passed on through their prophet Plato.

Rome took over control of Plato’s mystery schools and then banned them as unchristian.

And centralised & perverted christianity for over 1000 years until the protestant revolution. When through the invention of Guttenburg’s moveable type we had access to information previously inaccessible, which created a mass awakening- in Ancient Greek , literally an apocalypse.

During that mass awakening after Henry the 8th confiscated the vast possessions of the papal knights of St John in 1540, St John’s fled to Scotland where one of their order- Sir James Sandiland, started Scottish Rite freemasonry. Which is a repackaged version of Plato’s mystery schools.

St John’s has since then infected us with the esoteric…

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