#10 Witchcraft,Demonology and King James i(vi)

Plato instructs the philosopher king to consult with demons.

This is witchcraft.Which is known today popularly as freemasonry.

I contend that this was practiced in the Roman Church and indeed prior by the Romans. And witchcraft rules the world today.

But what are demons?

They seem to be the spirits of the dead nephillim.That were unacceptable to god.

If god created man out of dust of the earth and the breath of his nostrils, and when we die that spirit returns to his nostril and the dust returns to the earth, what happens when Nephillim die?

That spirit of life was given them by fallen angels not god.

P” Among the most instructive passages are those in which Hesiod tells how the men of the golden race became after death demons, guardians or watchers over mortals…

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