If anyone wants to help in this detective work, i wish to catalogue photographic evidence of masonic symbols used on daycare centres.

Masonic symbols i have observed so far are 5 sided shapes and 5 pointed stars.

Which have no rational business being on day care centre signs.

Unless of course theyre advertising the daycare centre to prospective masons .

Obviously this is a public blog and i’m monitored by the masons. So I’m hoping to get some assistance from strangers.

We should be able to photograph them quicker than masons can have the signs altered. If any alruistic souls can be bothered helping.

The use of masonic symbols on daycare centres is widespread,however the signs can be changed or painted over quite quickly.

I’m gambling that others will help me in this endeavour.

Because masonic symbols and butterflies used on one daycare centre can be put down to mere chance, but the same symbols on dozens of daycare centres can not.


Thy symbols im looking for again are 5 sided shapes and stars

butterflies and ladybirds



and yes i am suggesting a vast masonic conspiracy

to a) have sex with toddlers

and b) create trauma based hypnotism triggers in those toddlers. So that they can be controlled for life


for those who didnt follow my defunct blog, catholic priests are usually masons. They have sex with kids for religious reasons. Masons are Platonists