I’m following a hunch that masons use daycare centres as access to infants, in order to transform into a god.

I saw a daycare centre in town and noticed masonic symbols on the sign. And said to myself hello, why on earth would a daycare centre use masonic symbols?

Given that Plato himself was a paedophile and wrote of the joys of sex with the children of Heliopolis, its not unreasonable to assume that his sex rites to become a god involve sex with infants.

and given my other hunch that the 666 code in Revelation was Plato’s number, which in turn opened the secrets of freemasonry

putting this together with the actual method used by Plato after seeing masonic symbols on a day care centre seemed  a common sense thing to do.

Now , i dont know computers or digital cameras too well , so excuse my inability to focus in on…

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