I strongly suspect that the purpose of child abuse is to create a fracture of sorts in the soul (for wont of a better word)

In order that our abuser might glimpse the future.

We tend to assume that  kiddy fiddlers are creepy old men who independently decided to try having sex with toddlers, for fun.


But what if theyre actually practicioners of witchcraft and there  is a method to their madness?

I wonder if we really know what a human is in a metaphysical sense.

I’m sure the masons must know that we aren’t just  earthly creatures but also spiritual creatures. Because they themselves control us through both earthly controls- police etc and control via  spirits …demonology (witchcraft)

What if the masons figured out that if you access the human young enough, and traumatise him sufficiently, you can cause a kind of fracture between the human (physical self) and human (spiritual self).

And that fracture creates a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual. Into a world without the restrictions of time. A new self , neither physical nor spiritual and yet both.

And that the purpose of child abuse is to create sufficent trauma to create such a bridge, and thus see into the future, using the child as a spiritual portal.


My controller, for example, told me 40 odd years ago to never trust men with beards , or limps. Which i thought at the time was wisdom borne of his experience. But i realise now was him seeing into his own future.

Because i am now the man with the beard and the limp.

I have not only discovered the secrets of freemasonry through Plato’s number, I have discovered my controller. That my mind, and the future is accessed by pressing his   eye against my eye after entrancing me. And watching.

Maybe the eye is like a masonic television. A television into the future.

And that that is the purpose of child abuse.

eye of horus

I dare say a vast network of masons and access to the events of the  future would be advantageous to the queen. Or the pope. And thus  it is the height of folly to expose them.

And as noone reads my blog but the very people im exposing~~kinda pointless

But you never know

But then , they must’ve known this 40 years ago, so……


I’m fairly sure ive cracked the secrets of freemasonry, but not one soul has responded to my previous post re:daycare centres and masonic symbols. All thats needed is a mobile phone camera…..

Its not as though they’ll leave the symbols there now they’ve been exposed. I had gambled on a the cooperation of strangers, and lost.

Anyhow, as God wills it. That, I believe, is why I was allowed to be entranced, despite having grace . So that i might see for myself how it was done.


I’m sure the answers are in Plato’s writings which cover about 3000 pages. And I’m not about to read all that. As the reader might realise I’m no intellectual, Ive actually been chemically braindamaged. My controller had no problem securing the assistance of the state when i stupidly went to an ordinary hospital with physical symptoms.

Was diagnosed as delusional,locked in a hospital cell for 3 months and went from having 140 odd IQ to the IQ of a turnip before being released.

And oddly noone in my family objected(except my sister who finally  took the hospital to court to make them stop, after the damage had been done)


So once again I believe the abused child’s eye becomes like a masonic television into the future. I have nothing but my own experience to corroborate that with. But is worth considering nonetheless. Also explains all the masonic photographs showing the single eye.



this last one one is ascribed to the (nonexistent) illuminati but is actually the masons. And as i resolved the 666 prophecy to figure this mystery out i can safely say that its got nothing to do with making a 6 with your fingers.