i published this before its finished because my computer was acting peculiar and i had a tough time finding this blog through google. Actually i couldnt find it. and had to press publish thrice before this page which i just happened to have open would publish


I thought I’d list the things i’ve figured out through online research, as many things  i could once prove via online source admissions have been censored.

  1. who runs the world
  2. how we’re enslaved by the masons through  law
  3. the importance of Plato’s Republic to this generation
  4. the secrets of freemasonry
  5. hidden history
  6. obvious disinformation which fools most people.

I suspect that i found these things through guidance of the holy spirit. And that  they may be important for the end of days.

Reason being , our enslavement in law for example, is very confusing for most people on its own  but the way we’re enslaved in law is so confusing and convoluted :  and depends on such a variety of seemingly random decisions and laws in different countries as to be almost impossible to figure out by accident.

And yet just seemed to fall into my hands. Including and especially…

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