I thought I’d list the things i’ve figured out through online research, as many things  i could once prove via online source admissions have been censored.

  1. who runs the world
  2. how we’re enslaved by the masons through  law
  3. the importance of Plato’s Republic to this generation
  4. the secrets of freemasonry
  5. hidden history
  6. obvious disinformation which fools most people.


I suspect that i found these things through guidance of the holy spirit. And that  they may be important for the end of days.

Reason being , our enslavement in law for example, is very confusing for most people on its own  but the way we’re enslaved in law is so confusing and convoluted :  and depends on such a variety of seemingly random decisions and laws in different countries as to be almost impossible to figure out by accident.

And yet just seemed to fall into my hands. Including and especially the admission from the Australian ‘mygov’ that turned theory into fact.

An admission which disappeared this year after my theory was spread on facebook.

1 The world is run by masons. British freemasonry, Britain (i.m.o.) is the prophecised  image of the beast from Revelation and freemasonry is the power  that they sourced to build an empire. And Britain currently handing the christian world back to Rome.

2 We have been tricked into giving up our status as British subjects where our rights are and adopting citizenship  or residency of our respective countries. And masonic control of parliament has foisted independence legislation upon us . Like it or not. Including a fictitious new monarch with no promise to uphold the law or defend the faith.

Based on the USA revolution model . Which freed king George of his side of contractual monarchy.

Once we were seperated from british subject status  we became aliens of the crown in imperial prize law . And taken as prizes.

3 politcal correctness is straight from Plato’s republic. It’s called Plato’s inner man. And is being implemented by our unseen philosopher kings-the masons, They even have a ceremony to annoint themselves as Plato’s philosopher kings.

Theyre our social engineers and in retrospect every social movement of the 20th century was moving us into Plato’s blueprint.

4 freemasonry is the revived mystery school of Plato. Unbeknownst to most of us Plato started a mystery school to teach the secrets of egytian witchcraft , which ran for 900 years before being shut down by the early papacy. It became the esoteric religion of Roman Catholicism from Constantine’s day. As can be seen by symbols used on his coins

5 The first event of history hidden from us was the protestant revolution. It gets deliberately confused with the rennaissance, but was a prophecised end of the dark ages of Roman catholicism . Whereas the renaissance  was more about the roman church lettings its esoteric religion become available to  the newly freed men.


the second event of hidden history was Plato’s mystery school which ran independently for almost a millenia. Almost as long as the Roman church ran before the protestant revolution. A significant chunk of history which i was oblivious of.

6 obvious disinformation . The truth and law gurus are masons. Theyre lying to the profane for as long as we continue to listen to them. They leapfrog each other into internet fame. For exampl I personally caught Dean Clifford using a jesuit logo for his earth stewardship website. And if you watch his facebook page many of his pals claim to be  ‘renegade’ masons . I kinda like Dean Clifford and used one of his court procedures to escape prison, a few years ago, but like all law gurus he is devoid of principle and unchristian. And he is involved in a kind of masonic guru circle tainting every man in it with jesuitism

Besides the gurus disinformation is

a) illuminati~ the illuminati has no street address, its an intentionally created scapegoat for the masons. You cannot bring it to court because it exists only in our collective imaginations. Masons on the other hand do have a street address in every town in the british empire & Usa. And practice witchcraft . commit treason, conspire to commit crime & all the various evils people associate with the imaginary illuminati

b) Most everything Alex jones promotes is disinformation. the rothschild / rockerfeller stories are pablum for foolish people. Similar pablum was used on the germans in the 1930s, to bring in the Nazi era.

edit~will finish this blog another time, had to publish it prematurely