a man from the dept. of health voluntarily came to my house to test my tankwater yesterday.
i wanted it tested because i suspected it had been poisoned, causing the paralysis on my right side at xmas. Which came good after i switched water tanks.

i simply wanted to know where to send a water sample but he insisted on coming here (50 km) himself. Which was very unpublic service-like, i thought.
I had got his phone number from the chemist in town

So yesterday he arrived and i left him in the kitchen whilst he took his sample then he came back to the lounge room to educate me on e-coli. Which wasnt my concern. As i then explained.

He sounded like Forrest Gump so i assume had a Greenbough Alabama accent. But i cannot for the life of me remember what he looked like.

Anyhow despite being almost 6 months poison-free after having switched tanks- last eventide i had the most exruciatingly painful spasms in my legs. I think i cried out to God.

I survived ,obviously . But it was the same kind of thing i had before i switched water tanks ( only worse)

Now im wondering if he was actually an extremely helpful public servant as he presented himself or something sinister.

I am pretty certain my tank had been poisoned, im 100% certain i got injected by police in 2013 and now after musing on it all day,
i think i mayve survived another attempted hit from Forrest Gump in the health department.

Crazy as this saga sounds, i cannot escape the influence of freemasons . Theyre always in my life. And i am pretty certain they want me dead .
But for some peculiar reason they dont simply shoot me.
Was this an extraordinary coincidence?
Did the grace of Jesus save me ?

I know not but i think i may be better off being homeless than staying here on a freemason’s property. I suspect i was tricked into coming here , in retrospect.

I wonder if i should skidaddle before im paralysed again. i dont know whats safe to drink and what isnt.
(My gut also became obese in the last year for no obvious reason)

The whole saga remindeth me of the perils Paul suffered in scripture.
Anyhow these thiings are sent to try us…..
Could hitmen disguise themselves as health dept workers?
No Forrest noooooooo