I’m returning to the Plato thing on this blog after over a year of research & blogging got wiped out , thanks wordpress.
I was disillusioned for a while because no one had bothered to read the blog any way.
But the Almighty has been pruning me which makes me think perhaps
I had better get back to it before i am cut off & thrown in the fire.

Think I may need someone who understands social media.
Because i do not understand it.
I only started facebooking a year or so ago in an unsuccessful  attempt to advertise the old blog (plato216.com)

Holly, who helped me by making pictures to represent my point of view, was helping me 11z1aq

on that blog but alas she doesn’t really understand how social media works either.
And i need not ask her again. (above picture is hers)

I just learnt that you get an audience by joining Disqus, I had no idea of this back when my Plato blog was live.

But Disqus is the most illogical software i may’ve ever encountered !
it asks you a)
& then instead of accepting your answer for a) it takes you on a nonsensical journey into some computer boffin’s imagination.

I gave up trying to attach it to my blog after a while and Holly tried & failed too.
It can’t be accidentally illogical , more likely part of the illusion of free speech which is social media.

But now Ive got it attaching itself to my (unconnected) email account.
I cant actually use it to attract an audience but i cannot get rid of it either.
So invasive !

The internet is like death via public service protocol,  to me.
e.g. Are you hungry? then it gives you the option
a)_ put a sandwich in your ear
b) put a sandwich up your nose

And you pull your hair out trying to find the option that isn’t offered.

Where is c) put a sandwich in your mouth?


This blog bothers even me, the way its setup.
But i shall endeavour to start a fresh.
To investigate whether Plato is the False prophet of Revelation
And hope i get some help from a computer savvy soul , somewhere along the line

If it was up to me , the website would have a central theme
i.e. Plato the false prophet
and each new blog  would be related to explaining or testing that proposition.
In a visual sense – a central circle ( plato) and arms going out of that circle to the various attempts to prove Plato is the false prophet  (or disprove it)

But this blog lists things chronologically? Why? its like a stream of consciousness, subjective  hippy nightmare.

I dont understand it myself , and there is no point asking Holly, as she has no idea what I’m talking about.

Where was I ? oh yes , stream of consciousness hippy nightmares.

I actually wrote out my theory like a book and paid someone to edit it, alas i know not where that effort has gone now.
My computer died and the website was taken down.
So i may  need someone who understands how to set up a website i can use each day to add to my research. And build upon it.

The website SHOULDNT BE CHRONOLOGICAL, & needs to attract an audience of Christians who can comment on it.
Otherwise its just my opinion

If i wanted to talk to myself i could just write a book !