i wrote a blog on king James 1/vi of king James bible fame.
A year or 2 ago .
In an effort to correct what seemed to me to be the fallacious representation of him by historians.

I’ve had masons (quietly) inform me that  James was a mason in the Perth Lodge and another that he was registered in the Edinburgh lodge.
I’ve also seen historians malign him as a sodomite .
But I didn’t buy any of it.

Why is there this agenda to malign a good Christian king?
And perhaps more importantly ,why are people so ready to believe what are (to me ) obvious lies?

No other monarch attracts such slander.

Anyhow my blog was taken down and my attempt to rekindle the esteem in which James  was held at the time of his reign, came to nothing.
People tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater when revising history.

By that I mean, theyre as gleefully sceptical of Christians as they are of masons or.
Roman catholics.

Which i see as an error.
One needs be discerning when revising history, to be as careful with cynicism as we are with praise.
Or else what is the point?

Have an inkling of the possible  motivations of the rewriter , if not knowledge of the players involved in the attempted rewrite of history.

I copy pasted that blog page somewhere here or on plato216.wordpress.com .

My argument was based on judging king James  by his fruits.

And he wasn’t  a mason by his fruits if you read his book Daemonologie.
This blog page today is in celebration of a link I’ve been reading with great pleasure today.
Provided by a man named Tom Gambil on facebook. (its pasted at the bottom of this page and was a refreshing read.

Had i found this article when i’d written my king James defence . i need not have written that blog page.
For this one far outweighs my feeble attempts to defend the honour of King James i of England and vi of Scotland

Also discovered James had written a book on Revelation, Which I’d be eager to read if anyone has a translated copy.
Particularly as the English & Scottish Crowns were joined under King James reign.
Representing  (i.m.o)the 2 horns of the lamb.
Did he know?

King James Bible
And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.
revelation 13:11

a fair king james article