Is Plato the False Prophet of Revelation?


6 cubed is Plato’s Number.
plato’s number

If 6 cubed is the answer to the famed 666 riddle in Revelelation

then the number is a man and that man is Plato

Revelation 13:18King James Version (KJV)

18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Seems to me that the bible is giving us Plato’s identity here.
Which we wouldn’t have been able to find so easily before google.


Because google not only finds a name for 6 cubed~Plato’s number~  it also shows us that there is no other names for 6 cubed.

If indeed 6 cubed is the simple answer to the 666 riddle.

It’s surprising that resolving the 666 riddle also gives us the False Prophet.

but that appears to be what it does.

I had to google Plato & Plato’s number  many times before noticing that freemasonry was  coming up in search results.

So i decided to google Plato & freemasonry together and  a few pages back in search results found this!

freemasons admit to having a ceremony where they anoint themselve’s Plato’s philosopher kings.

If you read the Republic, his philosopher kings are guided by demons.

Masons rule Australia as our hidden government. They have a lodge in every town. Most , if not all, Parliamentarians, magistrates, police, even  preachers are masons

Most men would’ve experienced the masonic handshake.

But freemasonry isn’t an exclusively Australian phenomenon, its the power behind the British Empire.

Which begs the question – what exactly is freemasonry?

Using the 666 clue and combining it with that admission theyre Plato’s philosopher kings.

I did some more googling to discover an esoteric religion I’d never heard of


And that the Roman Church was arguably founded upon Neoplatonism.

And many of the so called ‘christian’ philosophers were actually the very opposite – freemasons.

Augustine for example.

And a revision of history , holding Plato as my filter, helped me see that Christianity has always been shadowed by Neoplatonism.

I believe it was the early papacy that banned Plato’s mystery school, after
almost 900 years. As being unchristian.

A school which taught the secret sex rites  of Egyptian witchcraft to become a ‘god’.

And as Plato himself was a pederast &  Roman priests also notorious pederasts it seems reasonable to conclude that those sex rites to become a ‘god’ are or ,at least include, pedastry.

Plato learnt these secrets in Heliopolis , Egypt. Which I believe he then encoded in his works.

Obelisks have since been exported from Heliopolis  and erected around the world.

At great expense and for no openly  discernible reason

Scottish Rite freemasonry was created by papal knight of St. John Sir James Sandilands in the 16th century. A fact which i can no longer find admitted by freemasons online.

But an important one.

Because Henry the 8th had confiscated the possessions of the order of St John earlier that century . for being papists.

And the creation of Scottish Rite would appear to be in retaliation,

For having the audacity to escape the  Neoplatonism of Rome.

Many people today believe Protestantism was fake. Counterfeit.

But I’d suggest it only seemed to be because the neoplatonists followed it with their esoteric religion.

And Neoplatonism proved  powerful enough to transform Britain from being  Christian  under king James I & Oliver Cromwell into the very opposite.  The British Empire.

Or worse still, the hidden British Empire . As it is today.


Many people believe Obama is the false prophet of revelation or even that the pope is.
But using scripture as my guide I found a surprising way to identify him.
That being the number is a man . That man- Plato-
Plato has had such an impact on the past 2 millennia, its hard to imagine who else could be the False Prophet of Revelation

And when looking at his work -The Republic- I see the blueprint for our current society.

Even political correctness was outlined as Plato’s inner man.

Moral changes necessary to create his slave state

Plato advised his masons that destruction of tribe , gender roles , and the family itself would be required to being about his Utopia

Social engineering  became the norm in the 20th century. Most of Plato’s proposed measures were implemented in my lifetime.

I’ve seen them occur .

Plato’s blueprint is best represented as fabian socialism

Bob Hawke noted the importance of our acceptance of Fabianism – in a famed speech to the fabian society .

Sounding eerily like the devil himself,discussing Job’s fate in scripture

Plato has been influencing our society for a long time , in ways I never imagined.
Even to this very day.
And his prophecies have been self fulfilling.
Self fulfilling, in that masons have been making them happen.
Engineering society to Plato’s blueprint, unseen, as our self appointed philosopher kings.

And thus making Plato not just a prophet but a false one.