I made a blog post on this a few months ago.
Went around town and other towns with my digital camera. Photographing masonic symbols i saw on daycare centres.

The blogpost seems to have disappeared . I didn’t remove it.
It may be some computer glitch but i had hoped my blog was not being hacked.
Now i’m not so sure. I will republish the photos i took of masonic symbols on daycare centre street signs.

I can’t think of a good reason for their existence. I can think of evil reasons though.
Please bear in mind that I’m not accusing any individuals of anything.

Noone reads my blog so w/e
Its just  very odd. I find it very strange  that daycares use masonic symbols on their street signs  .

In this case the star pentagram. (Pentagrams & star pentagrams are masonic symbols btw)
These signs are about 50 kilometres apart in different towns.
As you can see they use the same masonic pentagrams incorporated into their street signs.
Perhaps the signwriter is a mason. This is one innocent posssiblity that has occurred to me, since i first blogged my observations.
That wouldn’t get the signwriter off the hook, but perhaps the daycare operator.

Commoncare of children was first proposed by Plato in his work The Republic.
And masons have a ceremony where they anoint themselves Plato’s philosopher kings as admitted by V.W.bro Michallak on myfreemasonry  philosopher kings admission

Plato himself was a pederast and wrote about the joys of sex with the children of Heliopolis when he went to Egypt to learn the secrets of Egyptian witchcraft from their priests.
Which i learnt from a lot of googling of Plato’s number (6 cubed)
and then googling Plato & freemasonry after i noticed freemasonry coming up in search results for Plato’s number.

a generation ago we had access to common law. And i could compile my suspicions with evidence for them in a Show Cause notice in the local court.
Alas we have lost access to people power through the courts.
So i am reduced to warning people via my blog.

I have other photos and more evidence. But i am making this post in a hurry , after noticing that the blogpost i wanted to share with a woman (who researches autism & stress)  had disappeared.
Please respond Jenny if you are interested and I’ll look for other evidence I’ve compiled.
Butterflies and ladybirds aren’t masonic symbols as far i know. But i took photos of them on daycares & houses nearby. Which i thought may be related to MKULTRA programming circa 1970s.

butterflies symbolising the transformation from man to god via Plato’s sex rites of Egyptian witchcraft. Ladybird ? i dont know