cathy fox blog on child abuse

This blog features three reports on MK Ultra in Australia originally from the McMurray Report’s excellent blog [1] [2] [3]. There are also other articles on mind control and child sexual abuse on the site.

It is essential that we get as much of this information out in the open as possible. Governments and Secret Governments / Deep State /Armed forces / “intelligence” agencies experimented on people through mind control, drugs and hypnosis, electroshock and torture / trauma. Sometimes this was coordinated internationally. Often there are connections to child sexual abuse and ritual abuse. Experiments also went on in childrens homes, special schools and hospitals.

In the UK the investigation of MK Ultra and Monarch mind control needs more research to unearth it.  Cathi Morgan appears to be in the forefront with a forum [4] and some of her videos are here [5][6][7][8][9]

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