I recant most of the conclusions I’ve drawn on this blog.
and the now defunct Plato216.com blog
and the plato216.wordpress.com blog
because it is not my task to expose the mark of the beast or the false prophet of revelation unless god tells me to to.
Neither is it my place to judge others.
Treason should be defended by real Christians, and until a few days ago I was just pretending to be a real Christian.
I no longer wish to pretend , I want the real thing
I am not sure about the policeman who injected me, whether that is sin to expose? I don’t think it was sin and if the man mentioned reads my blog I had asked the Lord to forgive him a couple years ago when I thought I was dying.
Which sounds very martyrish written as it is, and alas I thoughtve myself like that for a while. And didn’t even know I was damned.

I may not be where I should be as a man trying to be Christian.
But I am ending my crusade against treason and traitors.
And against freemasonry until & if  God allows me to continue.
I ask for God’s forgiveness in areas where I transgressed.
And for the forgiveness of those accused of various crimes by me on any any blog or social media.
Particularly southern freeman where I accused them of being nonces in my wrath at being censored.
And  the masons and even the Roman priests

I highly recommend a book called ‘sound doctrine’ by Torbin Sondergaad, for any man who is concerned by his eternal judgement.
This apology and retraction was inspired by his youtubes and writings.
That he is a prophet is without doubt.


Your sincerely
Dave Hageman